Frequently asked questions

1. I purchased a Cooper&Hunter series air-to-air air conditioner/heat pump. Can I control my C&H heat pump/air conditioner using my mobile phone? If yes, how to do it?

Yes. Thanks to the advanced Wi-Fi management capabilities built into your C&H system, managing your device has never been easier. The intuitive, easy-to-use EWPE SMART mobile app allows you to control your C&H heat pump and air conditioner using your phone. Read detailed instructions here.

2. The temperature indicator of the indoor unit of the air conditioner has started flashing and shows an error code. What does this mean?

The values ​​of the error codes are given in the table. See here.

3. How to calculate what power air conditioner is needed for my home?

The most accurate answer to this question can be given by a master who has inspected the premises and assessed other factors. However, knowing a few rules, you can calculate yourself what power conditioner you will need. More...