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Car air freshener (to grill)

Car air freshener (to grill)

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The air freshener with a minimalist design is an elegant decoration of your car's interior, which emits selected scents for up to 30 days! Unique smells are felt as soon as you insert the freshener into the grill, and when you turn on a warmer air current, the aromas only intensify. The metal holder is reusable, so after the end of the favorite scent, it can be used again and refilled with a new or untried capsule of luxurious aromas.

Car air freshener takes just a few steps to prepare and use, so you can enjoy the enchanting aromas in your vehicle in no time. First, after unscrewing the front cover of the fragrance holder, place the capsule of the chosen fragrance in its designated place. Later, after screwing the cap back on, insert the holder with the scent into the air grill of the car. Now all you have to do is sit comfortably in the driver's seat and start the car to feel the beginning of a new journey!

Short product description:
The package contains a concentrated fragrance capsule (1 pc.)
Metal, reusable holder
More intense scents are felt when the warm air stream is turned on
Strong and long-lasting scents for up to 30 days
Packed in black packaging
Made in Lithuania.

Attention: Keep out of the reach of children. May cause allergies. In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash with plenty of water, if necessary seek medical attention. If a doctor's consultation is required, have the product packaging with you. Avoid release of the product into the environment. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to incorrect use of this product. Expiry date 12 months from the date of opening.
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