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Car Care Kit

Car Care Kit

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This is a great gift for car enthusiasts or those who value cleanliness and luxury in their vehicle. Our kit includes:

  • Perfumed surface cleaner - this cleaner not only effectively removes dirt, but also leaves a delicate, long-lasting scent.

  • Spray fragrance for the car - a quick way to refresh the aroma of your car, ideal for every journey. Ease of use and quick operation ensure continuous driving pleasure.

  • High quality cloth - a soft yet effective cloth perfect for cleaning and polishing car surfaces, ensuring they remain scratch-free and sparkling clean.

  • Hanging air freshener - complement the interior of the car with our elegant hanging air freshener, which will smell luxurious and pleasant and give a sense of comfort on every journey.

This set can become a great Christmas gift for your loved one. Give the gift of luxury, cleanliness and pleasure in your daily travels!

We suggest choosing:

Dore (Elite)

The smell Dore (Elite)
Top notes caramel, orange, melon, lime, bitter orange, notes of green leaves, grapefruit.
Middle notes pansy, rose, lavender.
Bottom notes white musk, amber, patchouli

Infinity flow (Elite)

The smell Infinity flow (Elite)
Top notes lime, lemon.
Middle notes tuberose, lemon, jasmine, iris.
Bottom notes coffee, almond, chocolate, amber, forest notes.
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