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Cooper&Hunter ARCTIC Inverter

Cooper&Hunter ARCTIC Inverter

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Cooper&Hunter ARCTIC Inverter - household heat pump, adapted for heating in northern countries.

  • A special working algorithm ensures stable and efficient operation at low outdoor temperatures, heating the compressor and pallet
  • Outdoor unit fan speed controller
  • Effective operating temperature range is -25°C to +24°C for heating, -15°C to +48°C for cooling
  • "I-Action" technology ensures smooth and stable operation of the compressor at extremely low frequencies (1 Hz)
  • Directing the air flow direction left-right with the remote control
  • "CH 7-SKY Technology" is a complex filtration system based on seven broad-spectrum filters
  • The highest A+++ energy consumption efficiency class
  • The highest level of energy-saving "GENERATION V" equipment (reinforced assembly and material quality control)


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