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Cooper&Hunter CONSOL INVERTER - household heat pump, adapted for heating in northern countries

  • "Dual Stream" technology - provides an opportunity to distribute the blown air flow through the upper and lower grills
  • Effective operation in the outdoor temperature range from -25°С to +24°С for heating and from -15°С to +43°С for cooling
  • Intelligent defrosting, compressor crankcase and bottom heating, compressor fan speed control
  • Wi-Fi module that allows you to control the air conditioner with a smartphone/tablet (OS: "Android", iOS)
  • A special algorithm ensures stable and efficient operation at low outdoor temperatures
  • Protection of the house against cooling - function "+ 8°С" The air conditioner will try to maintain + 8°С, using a minimum amount of electricity and preventing the room from freezing
  • "Noise Analysis" technology - almost noiseless operation of indoor and outdoor units
  • 7-speed indoor unit fan
  • "I-Action" technology ensures smooth and stable operation of the compressor at extremely low rotation frequencies (1Hz)
  • Ability to connect a wired console. The console has a two-step work programming option and connection to the "BMS" system (option)


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