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Cooper&Hunter SUPREME

Cooper&Hunter SUPREME

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Cooper&Hunter SUPREME - domestic heat pump, adapted for heating in northern countries.

  • The innovative "Two-stage compressor" technology ensures efficient operation in the temperature range from -30°C to +24°C for heating and from -18°C to +54°C for cooling. Increases the energy efficiency coefficient in cooling mode (EER) by 40% and in heating mode (COP) by 35%
  • Home protection against cooling +8°C
    "CH SMART-ION Filter" is a new generation of complete air purification technology
  • "Wi-Fi" module that allows you to control the air conditioner with a smartphone/tablet (OS: "Android", "iOS")
  • Fully complies with the European Union Directive ErP (Energy related Products) No. 626/2011/EU on domestic heat pumps and air conditioners SEER A+++ and SCOP A+++
  • Extremely low noise level - only 18 dB, solid plastic body and new technology of seamless heat exchangers.


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