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Perfumed car surface cleaner (100ML)

Perfumed car surface cleaner (100ML)

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A high-quality car surface cleaner will not only remove dirt left by grease, dirt or liquids , but will also enrich the cabin with unique aromas. The product is characterized by the fact that it cleans easily without damaging the surface and dries quickly without leaving greasy or cleaning marks. After cleaning the interior of the car , you will not need to clean it with a dry cloth . After cleaning, you will notice that dust accumulates less often on cleaned surfaces and they are easier to clean. The cleaner does not irritate sensitive skin and is environmentally friendly . When using N , it should be sprayed at a distance of 20-30 cm from the surface to be cleaned. You can enjoy the long-lasting cleanliness and aromatic freshness every time you get into the car and go on new journeys !

Short description:
Car surface cleaner
Effectively removes dirt left by grease, dirt or liquids
Does not damage the surface and leaves no greasy or cleaning marks
Does not irritate sensitive skin and is environmentally friendly
It has an exclusive luxury aroma
The volume of the bottle is 100 ml
Expiry date 12 months from the date of opening
Made in Lithuania.

Ingredients: 2-butoxyethanol 5%, anionic surfactants 5%, glycols, 1,2-,C12-16, ethoxylated propoxylated 5%, Parfum

Attention: seriously damages the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Use eye (face) protection. After contact with eyes: Wash carefully with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easily accessible. Continue to wash your eyes. Call the Poison Control and Information Office or see a doctor immediately.

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