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Fragrance (collection)

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The Aromatic •89• collection of unique home fragrances allows you to immerse yourself in a sea of ​​elegance and pleasure that enchants your senses and creates a unique atmosphere in your home.

Luxury, delicacy, elegance - these are the qualities created by Aromatic •89• oil-based fragrances made from the highest quality and carefully selected and coordinated ingredients.
The unique composition of scents will delight you with pleasant and colorful experiences, wherever you are. The duo of elegant bottle and pressed fiber sticks will give you the opportunity to create an environment full of the brightest aromas - both in your home and in the office. Aromatic •89• lined fragrance notes are intense and long-lasting in a ventilated, warm and dry room, especially if the sticks are turned over at least 1-2 times a week. Only 50 milliliters of luxury and pleasure will accompany and welcome you even up to 90 days! For spaces up to 40m2, we recommend using all six sticks to enjoy bright scent notes in every corner. The bottle, fragrance and sticks are packaged in a stylish black box, so the arrival of your chosen fragrance will be just one of many elegant experiences to come!


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