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Rotens FRESH X

Rotens FRESH X

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Fresh X 3.5 kW

Thanks to the innovative FRESH technology, the air conditioner ensures indoor air exchange and optimal quality in terms of both temperature and humidity. The air conditioner is an excellent solution for rooms without mechanical ventilation, where there may be a lack of fresh air after thermal modernization. The quality of the supplied air is additionally ensured by three built-in LED UV lamps and an EPA E12 air filter.

  • cooling A+++
  • supply of fresh air through an additional fan (works at 3 speeds)
  • air flow through 180° blinds
  • efficient heating at an outdoor temperature of -22°C
  • EPA E12 fresh air filter
  • HD iAIR electrostatic filter
  • matt structural panel
  • Ultra-quiet eMOTO mode - 18 dB
  • Turbo eMOTO mode
  • timer
  • remote control with Smart Follow temperature sensor
  • 3x UV lamp
  • A WiFi module is included
  • gilded lamellae
  • automatic 4D blinds
  • Windless mode - gentle air flow.

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