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Rotens Aunt X

Rotens Aunt X

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TETA X 3.5-5.1 kW

Wall-mounted air conditioner Rotenso Teta is a modern, year-round cooling and heating device that ensures comfort and air quality in your room.
Economical design, minimalist form and completely matte panel create unlimited interior design possibilities. The reliability of the heating function even at low outside temperatures of up to -25°C allows you to use the air conditioner as the only source of heat in your house or apartment.
Feel comfortable thanks to Windless technology. Theta emits air in a subtle, maximally dispersed stream through numerous micro-holes. Thanks to the self-cleaning function and the 12-stage air quality improvement system, Teta takes care of your health.

The integrated LED UV lamp and the Super Bipolar ionizer effectively remove microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and toxic substances, making the air in the conditioned room healthier.

  • A+++
  • SEER 8.5 / SCOP 4.6
  • black mirrored front panel
  • Super iAIR ionizer
  • LED UV bactericidal lamp
  • HD iAIR electrostatic filter
  • two additional 3in1 filters
  • A WiFi modem is included
  • gentle windless air flow
  • 4D airflow
  • the volume is only 18 dB
  • sleep function
  • timer
  • Ecological mode
  • Smart tracking mode
  • eMOTO turbo mode
  • heating even at -25°C

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