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Perfume Fréléme - For Women - Eau De Parfum

Perfume Fréléme - For Women - Eau De Parfum

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Be radiant and free !

This is the motto that inspired the creation of this perfume for women - FRÉLÉME.

FRÉLÉME is a confidence inspired fragrance for the modern woman who loves herself. Each spray of the perfume bottle creates a new aromatic beginning of the story, which is full of freedom and playfulness.

First of all, you feel the duet of notes of Bergamot lemon tree and cardamom. It's a bright, refreshing blend of citrus fruits and spices that will definitely make you smile! The middle notes hide the aromas of guaiac wood and violet flowers, which decorate you with gentle sweetness. Finally, the base notes bring it all together - a combination of sandalwood, amber and cedar blend with the previously mentioned aromas to create an exquisite sense of luxury.

Inhale a little of FRÉLÉME's exclusive aroma and feel the world open up before you. Shine and enjoy freedom!

Ingredients: Ethanol, ISO GAMMA SUPER, Cedryl Acetate, Ethyl Linalol, 2,2,6-trimethyl-α-propylcyclohexanepropanol, α-hexylcinnamaldehyde, Benzyl salicylate, Orange sour ext., Cashmeran, (Z)-3-hexenyl salicylate, Lemon ext., Isolongifolanone, Linalyl acetate, Linalool, Guaiyl Acetate, Bergamot ext., 3-p-cumenyl-2-methylpropionaldehyde, Coumarin, Citronellol, 1,3-Benzodioxole-5-Propanal, Geranyl acetate, Hexyl salicylate, 3-( 4-tert-butylphenyl)propionaldehyde, p-methoxybenzyl acetate, Piperonal, 3,5,6,6-tetramethyl-4-methyleneheptan-2-one, Beta-Damascenone.

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