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Cable 4 cores (sold by the meter)

Cable 4 cores (sold by the meter)

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Cable - 4 cores, round with multi-wire cables.

The price is for 1 m

  • Harmonization standard (H)
  • Rated voltage 300/500V (05) with padded PVC insulation (V) and with copper multiwire (class 5) conductors.

  • Used in home and office farms for household appliances, lamps, machines, etc. for household and office equipment.
  • Manufacturer - Elpar

Code: 4x1.5 HO5VV-F

Cross section: 1.5mm²
Copper multiwire cores: 4 pcs.

Code: 4x0.75 HO5VV-F

Cross section: 0.75 mm²
Copper multiwire cores: 4 pcs

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