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Hanging paper air freshener

Hanging paper air freshener

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Every thought, every story, every event was first captured on a piece of paper, as well as our selected fragrance compositions. The paper air freshener is enriched with notes of luxurious aromas, the smell of which will last even up to 20 days! The air freshener can be hung, so hanging on the mirror, it will not only please the eye with its uniqueness, but will also pamper you with the brightest scents. More intense aromas are felt when there is more air movement in the car. The preparation of the hanging air freshener is very simple - you will need to open the bag through the place indicated on the packaging, pull out the fragrance by the string and hang it on the mirror. Please note that the product should be removed carefully and without haste to avoid any contact with other surfaces. Since the air freshener is already hung on the mirror and delights with its aromas, now all you have to do is sit comfortably in the driver's seat and start the car to feel the beginning of a new journey!

Short description:
Concentrated scent
Paper, disposable
More intense odors are felt in the presence of air movement
Strong and long-lasting scents for up to 20 days
Packed in black packaging
Made in Lithuania.

Attention: Keep out of the reach of children. May cause allergies. In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash with plenty of water, if necessary seek medical attention. If a doctor's consultation is required, have the product packaging with you. Avoid release of the product into the environment. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to incorrect use of this product.


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