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Rotens Elis SILVER X

Rotens Elis SILVER X

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Elis Silver X 3.4 kW

The Elis Silver X air conditioner is the perfect choice for those looking for a modern shape for a trendy loft, industrial or glamorous interior. The minimalistic, timeless design, silver body and elegant front panel emphasize the prestigious character of the device, which blends well with modern interiors. The air conditioner has a compact, cube-shaped body.

  • A++
  • 4D air supply system
  • HD and AIR electrostatic filter
  • 3in1 filter (catechin + silver ions + vitamin C)
  • 3in1 filter (photocatalytic + activated carbon + cold nano)
  • iAIR automatic cleaning
  • gold-plated, anti-corrosion lamellae
  • Smart tracking mode
  • eMOTO ultra-quiet mode
  • sleep function
  • eMOTO turbo mode
  • timer
  • heating at a low outside temperature of -20°C
  • width only 78 cm
  • smart Wi-Fi.

Compatible with 1:1 SINGLE system.

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