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Rotens Elis X

Rotens Elis X

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Elis X 2.6-5.1 kW

Elis is a great choice for those looking for a modern shape for a trendy loft, industrial or colorful interior. The minimalist, timeless design, the graphite body and the front panel imitating a sheet of dark glass emphasize the prestigious character of the device, which goes well with dark wall colors. The air conditioner has a compact, cube-shaped body.

  • A++
  • automatic 4D blinds
  • HD iAIR electrostatic filter
  • 3in1 filter (catechin + silver ions + vitamin C) iAIR
  • 3in1 filter (photocatalyst + activated carbon + cold nano) iAIR
  • iAIR automatic cleaning
  • iClean automatic cleaning
  • gold-plated, anti-corrosion lamellae
  • Smart tracking mode
  • eMOTO ultra-quiet mode
  • sleep function
  • eMOTO turbo mode
  • timer
  • heating at a low outside temperature of -20°C
  • width from 70 cm
  • smart Wi-Fi.

Compatible with 1:1 SINGLE system.

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