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Rotens MIRAI X 3.5 kW

Rotens MIRAI X 3.5 kW

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MIRAI X is a premium class model that uses advanced technologies to ensure the highest A+++ energy efficiency class and efficient air conditioner operation even when the outdoor temperature drops to -30°C.
Rotenso Mirai has many features that increase the comfort and economy of using the air conditioner: a built-in smart presence sensor (SMART Eye) that detects the user's presence and automatically adjusts the direction and air flow according to individual needs.
The air conditioner has a set of filters (including HEPA) and an air ionizer, which effectively removes pollutants and supplies the room with fresh air.
Features and benefits
  • A+++
  • 100% efficiency at -15°C
  • Heating up to -30°C
  • Smart SMART Eye Away and SMART Eye Follow motion sensors
  • HEPA, silver ion, electrostatic HD filters
  • Super iAIR ionizer
  • iAIR automatic cleaning
  • 4D eMOTO automatic blinds
  • 6 fan speeds
  • Smart tracking mode
  • Eco eMOTO mode
  • eMOTO turbo mode
  • timer
  • sleep function
  • smart WiFi
  • Compatible with systems: 1:1 SINGLE, 1:X MULTI

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